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Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon
Brief info

The masterful hands of Dr. Tautrimas Aštrauskas take credit for the creation of thousands of inspiring beauty stories. The doctor has 35 years of experience in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has received recognition both in Lithuania and abroad for his professional expertise, work principles, and special approach to the patients.
The best-qualified surgeons have long-term experience in various plastic operations in our clinic. We offer you the best of all – professional counseling, precise work, and special care after surgery. The patient’s well-being and safety are important to us, the Clinic staff is ready to assist you. Our goal – happy patients. This is the best evaluation of our work.
Then choosing the right size for breast augmentation surgery, plastic surgeon primarily takes into account the patient’s height, weight, and personal needs, as well as set goals. If implants and surgical techniques are chosen according to the patient’s anatomical characteristics, the breasts usually look very natural. Patients often worry about scars remaining after surgery. Dr. Tautrimas Aštrauskas prefers breast implants through the armpit, as the scar remains in the natural fold of the skin and the hands are completely invisible.
Dr. Tautrimas Aštrauskas was awarded with his medical degree at the Kaunas Medical Institute (present – Lithuanian University of Health Science) in 1986. He next increased his knowledge in the field of plastic and reconstructive microsurgery as well as burn injuries at the Kaunas Medical University Hospital (present – Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno Klinikos).
During 20 years of experience at the Kaunas Medicine University Clinic, Dr.Tautrimas Aštrauskas had performed more than two thousand plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Since 1992 he has devoted all his scientific and creative energy to the development of cosmetic surgery in Lithuania. The surgeon works in his favorite field – breast reconstruction surgery. After a long time of success, trials, and accumulated experience he opened the Tautrimas Astrauskas Clinic in Lithuania, Panemune District. The doctor is also consulting in the UK.

Areas of interest
Dr. Tautrimas Aštrauskas consults about all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Also, he is very interested in reconstructive breast surgery, breast augmentation surgery through the incision in the armpit. The doctor has mastered the highest level of excellence in this technique.

Research work
Along with the main clinical work, the doctor published a dozen rationalization proposals, more than twenty scientific articles, and reports. His main subject of research is Breast Reconstruction Surgery.

Dr. Tautrimas Aštrauskas is a member of Lithuanian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS) and European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (ESPRAS).

2001 at prof. S. Asko-Seljavaara at the University of Helsinki, Finland;
1998 at dr. J. Bruck in Berlin “Urban” Clinic, in Plastic Surgery Department, Germany;
1997 at dr. Marchac’s Plastic Surgery Center in Paris, France;
1994 at dr. U. Kesselring and prof. R. Meyer in Plastic Surgery Center, Lausanne, Switzerland;
1993 in the University of Bergen in Plastic Surgery Department, Norway;
1992 at prof. H. Sailer, Zurich University Maxillofacial Department, Switzerland.

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